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Angel Investor Required To Become A 50% Partner In A Potential Multi-Million Pound Empire

In 1994, I began creating Mathematical Forecasting Models, based around Quantitative Financial Analysis, to clearly define EXACTLY what historical price movements causes a FX Currency/Stock’s price to rise or fall.

My clear BUY, SELL and HOLD signals give a high probability of rising within the short/medium term, whilst also supply proven stop/loss values for the light hearted/less aggressive investors.

I have no hidden agendas and no conflicts of interest. My aim is to create a multi-million £ Forex fund within 5 years with an initial investment of £100000.

No opinions or guesswork. Just pure math.


Quantitative Analysis Financial Research & Development

I discovered factors that could be summed up in a Quantitative Mathematical Forecasting Model, combining value, safety and timing. Testing and retesting confirmed that my approach reflected market reality.

My research was based around Quantitative Analysis, producing a stock analysis and portfolio management system that analysed and ranked stocks from the FTSE 350 each day for relative value as well as providing specific entry/exit timing indicators . The three fundamental factors we all need to know are which stocks to buy, sell or hold.

The Algorithm analyses historical data, and given key specific conditions, provides definitive entry and exit points. The selection process identified value investment opportunities, calculating market inefficiencies relative to their respective implied probabilities

The result is a system for stock market trend analysis, which has been proven to be successful over and over again. Refined, updated and evolved for today’s markets, As a Quantitative Analyst, I can provide novice investors as well as experienced traders the simplicity they need, and statistical/technical knowledge they seek.