About Me

My Approach

Having majored in Maths, Statistics, Probability & Computing over 30 years ago, my passion was to create algorithms and quantitative forecasting models that could be commercially utilised in the Sports Betting or Forex markets. After extensive research, both failed to produce any significant return, or relevance that couldn’t be explained using a “random walk” or “efficient market hypothesis”. One field however consistently excelled my expectations and that was in the UK equities market.

My Personal Statement

My professional life is extremely important to me, and I work hard and conscientiously to become well integrated in whatever field of interest I choose.

I am also powerfully motivated to prove my abilities and can be trusted with responsibility. I have the capacity to think and work in a strategic manner, thus avoiding impulsive errors whilst being emotionally mature enough not to be upset by criticism or setbacks.

I am primarily enthusiastic with a competitive edge that provides a strong will to succeed. This energy is contagious, with both clients and colleagues catching the enthusiasm in the product I’m promoting.

I am also an “Intelligent individual”, who excels in promoting hi-tech goods & services, whilst taking pride in objectively analysing the client’s needs, arriving at a sound solution, which is tailored to meet their individual requirements

Next Steps…..

Although I can appreciate scepticism in my alleged claims, my Algorithm has been rigorously back tested, independently scrutinised and consequently, I would therefore appreciate the opportunity to offer my quantitative analytical research and results to you….