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Initially inspired whilst studying Maths, Statistics/Probability & Computing at University, I researched the performance of the traditional “Stock Market Technical Analysis” tools including Demark™ Sequential Indicators, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Indicators as well as Volatility Modelling, but found these indicators to be ambiguous and contradictory, whilst ultimately being financially beyond the realm of the small/medium private investor. Likewise, historical results and performance reviews of these products are vague to say the least, requiring the end user to take a “blind leap of faith”.

Fund Peformance Table Summary


Below you will find the download link to the available Excel and CSV data file showing’s cumulative detailed trading transactions.

Click Here to Download the Portfolio’s Detailed Transactions

This file opens using Microsoft Office 365 and has been tested on the iPad as well as a PC. It has been designed to open a separate window in both on formats.
You can alter the % invested on each trade, and the spreadsheet will re-calulate the total investment return. The transactions for the portfolio ran up until June 30th 2017 and any open positions on that date where then valued as though sold. This process produced the final return on investment within the portfolio, although the investment return for these transactions doesn’t represent completion of the modelling cycle.

Click Here to view’s Live Perfomance (May 2016 to date) within

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My Fund follows the same trading principles as described within the model and all Current Holdings, Previous Transactions, Investment Returns & Competition Rankings are publicly visible.