Hi, My name is David Upton. I am a Quantitative Forecasting Business Analyst from Derby who loves to create beautifully organized spreadsheets/ business models, and I will not take no for an answer.

When not up to my elbows in my daytime job, I love exercising/training and taking care of my wife & family. I love travelling, visiting foreign countries whilst enveloping local traditions & cultures.

  • I love creating products and software applications that are easy and enjoyable to use. (designer)
  • I love to use my Quantitative Analytical Forecasting Modelling skills to make products that allow the end user to make informed descisions, therefore maximising profit, whilst reducing risk. (developer).

My tenacious personality, whilst can be sometimes irritating and openly challenges convention, is the same character-trait that will not take no for an answer.
I never submit to failure.
I will never give up or stop trying.
I’m persistent in demanding a successful outcome and will work passionately to accomplish my goals and outcomes.
You may also say, “I can be extremely stubborn……..”

Please find below a summary of my work portfolio. All projects have either been used commercially or on a pro-bono consultation basis


Trade Stocks & Shares confidently using Demark Sequential Combo Excel Spreadsheet

Learn about this famous Trading Indicator that has a 70% success rate and download my free automated spreadsheet.

This Excel spreadsheet automatically generates buy/sell signals from historical stock quotes downloaded from yahoo finance. Simply enter a ticker symbol, your required end-date. Once clicked, the worksheet and chart will automatically update and allow you to review the selection.

APR Calculator – Click text to use app. (Opens new window)

This Application follows a “typical” unprotected quote you would expect to get from a motor dealer on a Car Loan. It is intended as a guide to calculate an APR.

It is not a designed as formal quotation and the actual numbers may vary by a few pence.
It assumes a “Spread Documentation Fee” across the loan agreement, with a final acceptance fee
being added to the last payment

You can adjust the:

  • Loan Amount.
  • Flat Interest Rate
  • Term of Agreement (Months).
  • Credit Facility/ Completion Fee (if any are applicable).

The resultant calculation provides Equivalent APR%, Interest Chargeable, Total Amount Payable & Monthly Payment.

LSE SEAQ Codes – Opens File for Downloading

Click above link to open Excel File that provides a current list of the London Stock Exchange Companies, the index (FTSE 100 or FTSE 250) that are a component of, as well as the associated SEAQ code.

Live QuantAnalyst.co.uk Portfolio – click to view QuantAnalyst.co.uk’s Live Perfomance (May 2016 to date)

Visit my live portfolio at Virtual Trader: UK’s Largest Investment Game
Join Virtual Trader and Master the Stock Market! Trade stocks and manage your own portfolio.
The fund follows the same trading principles as described within the model and all Current Holdings, Previous Transactions, Investment Returns & Competition Rankings are publicly visible.